Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire and lead young men to live faith-filled lives first and foremost. Putting God at the center of our program is vital to the development of our boys both on and off the field. We believe a great student-athlete, must be able to excel in the classroom; on-the-field; and, most importantly, off-the-field, as they represent their families and school. Hard work, respect, and perseverance are critical characteristics that will be expected and developed. We look forward to starting something special, for years to come.


About our logo

Why the anchor?

Unity, security and salvation. With its resemblance to the cross, the anchor is a symbol representing salvation and hope. It grounds us and does not allow us to drift off course. Most importantly, the anchor represents strength, stability, and keeps us together during difficult times. Now more than ever, the anchor holds much relevance. Now more than ever we must stand together.

Together as one!