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Why the anchor?

Unity, security and salvation. With its resemblance to the cross, the anchor is a symbol representing salvation and hope. It grounds us and does not allow us to drift off course. Most importantly, the anchor represents strength, stability, and keeps us together during difficult times. Now more than ever, the anchor holds much relevance. Now more than ever we must stand together.

Together as one! 

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Meet Head Coach Steven Hernandez 

Coach Hernandez began his lacrosse career playing at Christopher Columbus High School under the tutelage of former Head Coach Jim Delang. Coach Hernandez played 3 years for the varsity team and was awarded 2 first team All-District awards and currently holds the record for most goals in a single season. In 2016, he began his coaching career at Westminster Christian High School, where he help lead them to the best season in school history.  Since then, he as been announced as the new Head lacrosse Coach at Christopher Columbus High School we he looks to change the direction of the program, and take it to new heights!

Cody Morrissey

John Okunski

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Jim Delang 


Mike White

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Kyle Youmans


John Hlavin

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